U of Cincinnati Providing ‘Comfort Kits’ to ‘Survivors of Gender-Based Violence’

A nation of wimps.

The student government at the University of Cincinnati is tackling gender-based violence head on by providing victims with “comfort kits” as part of their recovery. Kits will include fidget spinners, worry stones, some putty, paintbrushes, and even finger nail polish. But of course, they won’t be limited to these “survivors,” but anyone who needs to be comforted.

Instead of these students heading down to their local shops and buying the soothing toys, the non-profit sexual violence advocacy group Women Helping Women decided to do it for them. Heck, it’s already included in that $514 per student annual “campus life fee," anyway.

In addition to the kits, another workshop is launching at the university by the same group to teach bartenders to “read danger situations” and to learn the signs that a patron “might be in danger of sexual assault.” In about 10 to 12 hours, barkeeps will learn intervention methods and prevention.

Hopefully, those involved won’t be too distracted by their fidget spinners and coloring books.

H/T Washington Free Beacon