Twice-Married Joy Behar: Melania and Donald Obviously Aren't in Love

The talk show hostess suddenly has magical ability to judge others' relationships.

Recently on The View, Joy Behar decided to tell America her thoughts on President Donald Trump's marriage with First Lady Melania.

"The Obamas really looked like they loved each other," she said. "I don't believe these two. I don't buy it." She even played a video of the Trumps talking at the Inauguration, which seemed to show Melania frown after her husband turned away from her, as "proof" of her contention.

"It's obvious," she explained, "that he upset her.... It's like she's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. He has her as a hostage at Trump Tower. She's like Rapunzel. Let down your hair, Melania."

Stockholm Syndrome, of course, is the "feeling of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor," because -- in the mind of a liberal -- no one can legitimately love Donald Trump. The reference to Rapunzel paints Melania as a captive, someone unable to leave even if she wanted to. Isn't it interesting how Democrats try to paint women as mentally unstable or weak, just to prove their political bias?

Watch the segment below.  (You'll notice the subject they previously were discussing was The Bachelor...  so why not turn their attention to the White House next?)

Anyway, Behar spoke so confidently in the segment -- using words like "obvious" as she described her romantic intuition  -- that it makes you wonder about Behar's own love life, right? Surely she must've had some intuition fails, right? After all, her first marriage ended in divorce. Was it "obvious" to her that it wasn't going to work out? Then, she dated her current husband from 1982 until 2011 -- that's twenty-nine years for those of you with Al Gore's fuzzy math skills.  

Who knows. Maybe her intuition on that one was not as strong as her feelings about the Trump marriage. Either way, let's face it: I'm not sure she's even qualified to talk about The Bachelor.