CW’s ‘Dynasty’ Mocks Marriages of Trump and Pence

"And we can’t even get mentors because guys like Mike Pence are too afraid to have dinner with us."

The original Dynasty was never known for its moral or artistic high ground. Not surprisingly, the CW’s reboot of the famed primetime soap opera has established itself as a landscape for lax morals, scandal, and political correctness. In addition to those defining traits, the show has positioned itself as decisively left-wing, exemplified by its November 8th installment, entitled “Company Slut.”  

In one scene, among raunchy jokes involving homosexuality and lubricant, conversation turns to the Trump administration. As character Cristal deals with the rigors of her recent sex tape brouhaha, her stepdaughter Fallon proclaims,

“You think that scandal is going away? Not until Melania files for divorce or a Kardashian gets pregnant with triplets.”

How likely would Dynasty — or any show, for that matter — have made a joke about Michelle Obama’s impending departure from her marriage to Barack, during their time in the White House? The Obamas were treated with fawning reverence by the media, yet Melania has endured unbelievable mistreatment, particularly with regard to respect for her marriage.  

In a later scene, while discussing occupational sex roles, Cristal’s employee tells her:

"Who you bang is your business. But you know the conversations happening about women in the workplace. And we can’t even get mentors because guys like Mike Pence are too afraid to have  dinner with us, so when you sleep with the boss, and when your wedding ring comes with a promotion, it kind of feels like you proved them right.”

The reference is to Mike Pence’s policy in deference to his marriage, to not have dinner alone with other women. Pence’s commitment to his wife was profiled by The Washington Post in March. The article described a Post report on Karen Pence, written by Ashley Parker, who tweeted:

“Mike Pence never dines alone w a woman not his wife, nor does he attends [sic] events w alcohol, w/o her by his side.”


Accompanying Parker's tweet, a caption below a photo of Mrs. Pence stated:

“The second lady is one of the most important influences on one of Trump’s most important allies.”

Leave it to Dynasty — a show whose bread and butter are adultery and betrayal — to mock a man’s devotion to his wife, and his way of honoring their fidelity.  

Virtue has very little place in Hollywood; that is doubly true for soap operas. However, mocking the marriages of both the President and Vice President shows a particularly disrespectful left-wing slant to the CW’s Dynasty. For eight years, the Obamas were treated with kid gloves; but for the leftists in entertainment, it's open season on Donald Trump and those close to him. Dynasty joins the ranks of countless other movies and television shows that attack the President and his administration.

Hollywood just can't seem to help itself.  The west coast elites' vitriol for the Right is rampant across the dial. And like melodrama and sleaziness on a nighttime soap, there's no sign of it stopping.