Trump: Tax Cuts Working Better Than Expected

Says Dems want to shut down to stop tax cut talk.

President Donald Trump touted Apple's $350 billion investment in American jobs and facilities as proof the tax cuts are working. Speaking to reporters as he toured a factory in Pittsburgh, Trump went so far as to say the Democrats are threatening to shut down the federal government so that people will stop talking about the success of the recently-passed tax reform package.

"The tax cuts and tax reform has not been working well for the Democrats," Trump said. "I really believe the Democrats want a shutdown to get off the subject of the tax cuts because they work so well."

"Yesterday you saw with Apple a $350 billion investment," Trump said, pointing to the tech giant's promise to add 20,000 new jobs in America and the bonuses being paid to existing workers thanks to the tax reform package. While the tax cut package isn't helping the Democrats gain traction with the voting public, Trump said the cuts are helping average workers.

"I'm really happy, people are really doing well, better than they have in years," Trump said.

Speaking to a crowd of workers, Trump said it is ordinary people that will lift America to new heights. "Nothing is stronger than the strength and will and spirit of the American people," the president said.