Pelosi's 'Armageddon' Sees Chrysler and Capital One Share the Wealth

"This is turning out to be quite the widespread conspiracy to make the GOP look good..."

Nancy Pelosi, in a breathtaking act of fearmongering and the spreading of partisan lies, warned in December that the GOP-led tax plan would be "Armageddon":

The end of the world isn't looking too bad, as companies begin to give bonuses due to their improved finances, thanks to the bill. In addition, Walmart and Wells Fargo have announced that they will increase their minimal hourly wage due to the plan. 

The riches continue, as Fiat Chrysler and Capital One share the wealth. The former has decided to move some of their truck production from Mexico back to Michigan. On top of that, they're giving 60,000 employees $2,000 bonuses:

"DETROIT (AP) _ Fiat Chrysler is moving production of heavy-duty trucks from Mexico to Michigan and paying bonuses to U.S. workers in response to the passage of U.S. tax reform late last year."


In the spirit of Republican-generated economic prosperity, Capital One has chosen to raise its minimum hourly wage to $15:

"JUST IN: Capital One raises minimum wage to $15 per hour for U.S. employees."


Twitter is enjoying the jokes, at Nancy "Armageddon" Pelosi's expense:






Someone aptly pointed out the economic realities of conservatives' lower-tax approach to American wealth:

One follower summed things up nicely:

Indeed. RIP shameful, left-wing ridiculousness. Or perhaps, "Long Live Armageddon."