Trump Slams Stephanopoulos: You Poison Voters’ Minds

What proof? Calls him out for contributing to the Clinton Foundation. Boom!

Donald Trump and George Stephanopoulos sparred in an exclusive interview on ABC News on Thursday. Trump accused the former Clinton staffer of media bias, particularly Hillary Clinton bias, and the veteran anchor's line of questioning easily proved the claim.

There were plenty of shots fired by Trump during the 35-minute interview but the two best moments are recorded below. 

Stephanopoulos set Trump up perfectly for this first jab, asking, “When you look back over the sweep of this campaign… Is there anything you regret?”

“Oh, absolutely, I’d love to have done certain things over but you can’t. You can’t. But that’s true in life. I’d love to have done in life certain things over, I guess and you would have, too,” Trump responded.

Stephanopoulos thought he had this one in the bag when he volleyed his return, “Give me one.” Trump obliged:

“You would’ve loved not to have contributed to the Clinton Foundation, as an example. There are things that you wish you didn't do, okay. You came very close to the edge. You would've loved to have had that decision over again. There are things I would've rather, you know, not happen. But, George, all you can do is you put your head down and you have to go forward." 

Ouch! Weren't expecting that, huh, Georgy?

Trump continued skewering the media and had no qualms pointing the finger directly at Stephanopoulos time and again. The next high point was when he chided Stephanopoulos for influencing voters with his liberal slant.

“You poison their minds. You really do,” Trump said (context starts at the 26:30 mark).

Stephanopoulos remained bewildered as to why Trump believes media bias exists.

Go figure.

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