Clinton Spokesperson Tells Trump 'Go F**k Yourself"... Because Democrats 'Go High'

Where's the Left's pearl-clutching now?

We live in an era of incredibly low discourse, but worse than that, we live an era when we must be routinely subjected to the Left's fake sanctimony and tedious virtue-signaling. 

In their attempt to feign moral outrage over Donald Trump's lewd comments from 2005, Democrats are out en force pearl-clutching and lecturing us about "decency" -- meanwhile, they are anything but decent. 

To showcase what pillars of integrity they are, during the debate one Hillary Clinton campaign spokesperson actually told Donald Trump to "go f*ck [himself]."

Yes, Clinton's foreign policy aide Jesse Lehrich posted the tweet, featured below: 

Because, as Michelle Obama said, "when they go low, we [Democrats] go high."

It sure looks like it. 

Fortunately, mainstream media have officially assumed the role of morality police, so we were eager to hear them slam the Clinton spokesperson for his indecency. Alas, as Newsbusters points out, only ABC took 30 seconds to even bring it up, partially:

Clinton campaign correspondent Cecilia Vega was summarizing the post-debate reactions from her sources when she told chief anchor and former Clinton official George Stephanopoulos that she had to pause and discuss how“[p]eople are angry right now” at him.

“There is one Clinton campaign staffer who used a profanity directly at Donald Trump on Twitter, talking about the Captain Khan comments. He had to apologize for that. Right now, people are not happy about what happened tonight,” Vega explained.

Stephanopoulos seemed confused as if he had never heard about the tweet yet when he asked in a follow-up about “which part in particular” regarding the Khans when they came up in the debate and whether what Trump said about Captain Khan being alive if he had been president “was just too tough.”

Vega eventually moved back to the overall debate spin from Clinton world, but not without responding to Stephanopoulos: “They thought he was tough. They did not like what he said about that and I can't even tell you what exactly the tweet said, because we couldn't air it on television, but not just that.”

So ABC could not bring itself to repeat the Clinton staffer's vulgar comment -- or even a censored version of it -- but CNN had no problem using the full audio of Donald Trump's lewd 2005 comments, uncensored and in their entirety.