Trump Responds to Steinle Verdict with Renewed Vigor to ‘Build the Wall

Not guilty verdict a “travesty of justice.”

Donald Trump has been a supporter of Kate Steinle and her family ever since her murder at the hands of a criminal illegal alien in San Francisco in 2015. In his campaign for the presidency, Trump used Steinle’s death as a warning against sanctuary cities and as a sobering reminder that illegal immigration is out of control. And with yesterday’s shocking not guilty verdict in the case, Trump jumped on Twitter with a renewed call to “build the wall.”


Steinle’s killer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, is a five-time deportee who has a federal criminal record and was protected by San Francisco’s sanctuary status under the Obama administration. That protection gave him the freedom to be in the US illegally and take possession of the stolen, loaded gun on the pier and fire the fatal shot. While bleeding out on the ground, Steinle looked at her father and said, “Help me, dad.” But instead of anyone helping her and preventing this atrocity, the federal government protected the murderer through sanctuary and the court protected him by ignoring his criminal history during the trial:

Trump hit back against high-ranking Democrats, especially California Sen. Nancy Pelosi who supports the sanctuary cities in her state, for being weak on crime and having an obvious soft spot for illegal aliens:



with added Kate Steinle inset.