Ed Asner Tweets Joke About Trump's Sons Being Mauled By Lion


Decrepit leftist Ed Asner forgot he wasn't a comedian. On Tuesday, Asner released an extremely unfunny joke into the Twitterverse: in response to a National Geographic report involving a dead body mauled by lions in South Africa last Friday, Asner suggested -- no doubt optimistically -- that the victim may be one of President Donald Trump's sons.

Wow. One cannot imagine anything similar being joked about regarding President Obama's children, without the real casualty being the career of anyone who dared say such a thing.

Asner -- the former president of the Screen Actors Guild -- has a history of left-wing idiocy. In addition to being a 9/11 conspiracy "truther," Asner once reportedly threatened to knock out Charleton Heston; additionally, the crotchety sourpuss stated in the 80's that Ronald Reagan's economic policies were "urinating in the mouths of workers." Asner also supported leftist guerillas during that decade, has claimed Republicans want to "destroy the middleclass," and has been labeled by The Liberty Conservative a "professional hater."

The Left not only takes the side of socialism and communism, but of abject hatred as well. Jokes about the death of Trump -- and even expressed desires to personally kill him -- have become commonplace on the political landscape. Asner's "joke" is just the latest in a barrage of vitriol toward not only the President, but his entire family, not to mention his supporters.

The Democratic Party professes to champion love, tolerance, and peace, but in reality it is the party of rage, violence, and total hypocrisy.