Trump Recommends Book, Leftists Criticize His Intellect

“Glad to see you could find a book on your reading level.”

A book that has spent the last month or so on Amazon’s best seller list for politics is a 260-page book written by Michael J. Knowles entitled, Reasons to Vote for Democrats. The gag is, all the pages are intentionally blank!

On Monday morning, President Trump recommended the book to all of his followers on Twitter:

Well, recommending a blank book opened the floodgate of leftists who jumped at the chance to attack Trump’s intellect. Slate reminded readers Trump “does not read” and pointed to several media appearances where the president admitted he’s too busy to get much reading done:

In March, Trump told Tucker Carlson that he’s been too busy since taking office to read as much as he once had. (In 2011, Trump reportedly listed 20 books he had read on China off the top of his head to the state media agency Xinhua.) “I love to read,” he said. “Every time I do about a half a page, I get a phone call that there’s some emergency, this or that.” Trump did tweet more frequently about books last year—Ann Coulter’s In Trump We Trust, Phyllis Schlafly's The Conservative Case for Trump, Michael Flynn’s The Field of Fight, and Eric Bolling’s Wake Up America all earned plaudits. Since the inauguration, Trump has only tweeted praise of one other book—Nick Adams’ Green Card Warrior.

In August 2015, Trump said during a speech that his favorite book was the Bible. His second favorite, he said, was The Art of the Deal.

Twitter was even less kind:




Once again, the president has struck the nerve of Democrats. 


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via / CC BY-SA