CNN's Cuomo Calls President Trump a 'Virus'

“Maybe adding a virus into that system...wasn’t the...appropriate change mechanism."

On CNN's New Day Thursday, Anthony Scaramucci -- former White House Communication Director -- maintained that President Donald Trump's commitment to "draining the swamp" of Washington corruption is still alive and well. However, he said, D.C.'s "immunological system" has some capacity to "reject a disruptive move." In response, left-wing co-host Chris Cuomo essentially labeled the President "a virus."

While discussing Trump's tax returns -- which have not been released -- Scaramucci pointed to 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's brutal treatment by the press after his taxes were disclosed. Absurdly, Cuomo demanded that the Commander-in-Chief's reluctance to follow suit is a statement that "we're too dumb to figure out his taxes." 

In disbelief that Trump could be elected without the public having access to his tax information, Cuomo lamented, "They didn't have full information." The former Trump administration official explained that Americans in November 2016 were "willing to overlook that and take the entire package," voting based on their desire for "reform" and an end to "the swamp." Cuomo refused to accept that notion, or the idea that those who elected Trump are happy with the result:

"They're getting more of the same and worse."

Scaramucci explained:

“Maybe the immunological system around the swamp is so powerful that it will reject a disruptive move to change the system and make the system fairer and more accountable to the American people.”

Incredibly, leftist "newsman" Cuomo then likened the President of the United States to an infection:

“Or maybe adding a virus into that system...wasn’t the...appropriate change mechanism. Maybe he’ll have to try something else.”

The Left will never accept the 2016 election of Donald Trump. To live in the past is to prohibit a different future, and many in the media are still living in mid-November of that pivotal year. They have remained frozen in time by their refusal to recognize that the country has moved on without them. Hence we look forward to the repeat of election victory for Donald J. Trump in 2020, and to the continued purging of the swamp.