MSNBC Contributor Explodes, Yells At Pro-Gun Congressman

"I'm not talking about the logistics of the gun. I'm talking about, we all have children."

Morning Joe welcomed MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch Friday, whereupon the former The Big Idea host raged with ignorance and irrationality on the hot topic of American gun rights.

Democrat Deutsch engaged with Republican Congressman Steve Stivers, jumpstarting the discussion with a decisively emotional approach:

"Are you a dad? Do you have kids?"

When those words come out of a leftist's mouth, it's rarely an indicator of anything but a series of drama-fueled dismissals of facts to come. Deutsch didn't thwart expectations:

"Dad to dad...because, everything else, I find, doesn't matter until we get the assault weapons...You can't believe as a dad we should have ass-- ...I don't want to have a slippery slope discussion; I want to have a dad discussion. That assault weapons, that military attack weapons belong in our stores."

What Deutsch -- like many on the Left -- doesn't understand is that an AR-15 is just a spooky-looking rifle. Hence in part the description "assault-style weapon." It is not inherently more dangerous than some other rifles. Nevertheless, many on the left side of politics respond viscerally rather than intellectually, which is to say, ignorantly.

Stivers attempted to educate Deutsch:

"An AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon. It is not a military weapon."

Deutsch fired back:

"The point was that somebody could go in and kill 50 people with one sweep."

Next, the left-winger unleashed an embarrassingly simplistic statement encapsulating the Left's approach to guns as well as political issues in general:

"I'm not talking about the logistics of the gun. I'm talking about, we all have children."

Responding to moderator Joe Scarborough's assertion that an AR-15 is more lethal than a machine gun, Stiver reiterated that AR-15's "resemble them in cosmetic features."

Scarborough's co-anchor, Willie Geist, interrupted:

"You're having a semantic argument about the cosmetics of a gun, and it was enough to kill 17 high school kids."

Geist was oblivious to the irony: it is the Left who is constantly having a semantics argument, bickering over a gun because of its cosmetics rather than its potential deadliness. Many guns can cause the same degree of havoc wreaked upon Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14th. 

Stivers attempted a reasonable response:

"We need to talk about school safety, we need to talk about weapons, we need to talk about all of it."

Deutsch couldn't contain himself any longer, exploding:

"We need to get rid of the assault weapons! You know what we need to do!"

At a time when guns and safety are at the forefront of the American conversation, many on the Left are hindering any real discussion by refusing to talk about facts. So long as they engage as temperamental children, the entire debate will be stonewalled by their puerile feverishness over things they don't know -- and refuse to know -- anything about.