Actors to Receive Self-Defense Items in Oscar Goodie Bag

Just not guns like they use all the time in the movies.

The #MeToo movement has brought many changes to Hollywood as sexual predators have been ousted and actors have been shamed for covering it up for decades. More than ever, actors and actresses have been speaking out against the rampant sexual misconduct in the film industry. To help them fight off any future unwanted advances, at this year’s Academy Awards, actors walking the red carpet will get their exorbitant gift bags as expected but will find items of personal defense inside.

Sabre, a security systems company, will drop five items into each bag, consisting of a canister of pepper spray for keychains, gel pepper spray, two personal body alarms, and a kit that tests for drugs slipped in drinks, according to Yahoo.

Sabre CEO David Nance said, “This event is a unique opportunity for us to lend a helping hand in the #MeToo movement with solutions that take aim at the harassment culture that’s been pervasive most notably in the entertainment industry and in broader society. We hope to help others by inspiring self-empowerment.”

PepperFace is another company joining in the gift giving. It’s CEO Brian Pennington stated, “In the aftermath of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, PepperFace is arriving in Hollywood at the perfect time. We want to be an awareness symbol to help end violence against women and also provide resources for those unfortunate enough to have become a victim of violence.”

Yahoo noted that camouflage pepper spray gun was gifted to actors at the Oscars in 2014. Strange that a group of actors so against guns, though they profit off them handsomely, would accept such a gift. Apparently they prefer non-lethal defense to fight off rapists. Their choice! (And we all know how much they like “choice.”) Then again, why do they need a firearm when there are armed security guards all around? Security for me, but not for thee.

Not to worry, though, the six-figure goody bags will still have the luxury items that will keep the egotistical Hollywood elite light years ahead of the rest of America’s peasants: “a 12-day trip to Tanzania, a ’24 karat gold facial’, and a ‘conflict-free’ diamond necklace.”

They get all this free stuff but don’t want Americans to have guns. They don’t call them Hollywood hypocrites for nothing.