Triggered Dem Gov Paints Pictures to Soothe Stress of Trump

Sounds like he needs an art studio safe space.

When news about President Trump begins to stress out Jay Inslee, the Democrat governor of Washington, he grabs his art supplies and begins to “doodle” to melt it away.

The easily-triggered Inslee was a guest on Politico’s Off Message podcast when he made the admission and described his preferred method.

“Well, I’m a doodler,” Inslee stated. “I take pastels and rub ‘em on paper and sometimes it resembles mountains or something.”

Inslee said he only does this when “inspiration” strikes — that being rage-spiration:

"Something comes out of the White House, a tweet that drives me to distraction, and I turn it into a picture of Mt. Rainier.”

“So, it's a mental health issue,” Inslee said with a laugh.

Inslee says his art has become more “vitriolic” since the 2016 election, adding, “I used to do dormant volcanoes. Now, I do active volcanoes to respond to the White House at the moment.”

Inslee described his most recent piece which gives a sad glimpse into his psyche:

“I'll show you the latest I did of a polar bear on a collage of torn up New York Times. So you get mad reading the newspaper, you tear up the paper, you make it a collage, and then paint bears on top."

Get some rest, Jay. Sounds like you need it.

H/T Washington Free Beacon