Trevor Noah: ‘I Know Trump Prefers White People Over Black People’

He cites no evidence, but KNOWS it to be true.

Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, is convinced that though President Trump isn’t racist enough to be called a white supremacist, he does prefer whites over blacks. Noah cited no evidence to support his claim, but apparently, he searched his feelings, so, it must be true.

In an interview with BBC Newsnight, Noah responded to a question about Ta-Nehisi Coates’ belief that Trump’s presidency is all about negating the first black president:

“Well, I would say this: I don’t know if Donald Trump is a white supremacist. I do know that he prefers white people over black people, you know. I do know that he has said on multiple occasions that, you know, he doesn’t want black people involved in the counting of his money or, you know, involved in the running of his world. I do know that he has specifically gone out of his way with his companies to oppress black people. I do know that he hasn’t been as quick to react in the aid of black people as he has been with others. I do know that he has supported and continues to retweet white supremacists on his Twitter account.”

Noah left out all the details and the BBC didn’t ask for any, so he was allowed to appear as an authority and added: “So, I always say to people, I go, ‘You tell me?’”

Apparently, that’s evidence enough.

The South African native then slammed the United States, where he has achieved his greatest success taking over the chair for Jon Stewart, for being the kind of place where people are more offended by being called a racist “than at the fact that they are racist.”

“And that’s become like a new thing that I’ve stumbled across where people say, ‘How dare you call me a racist.’ And I go, ‘Well, how dare you be racist.’ And that’s the world that Donald Trump is in,” Noah added.

Watch above.