'No Political Agenda’: Michael Wolff Calls Trump ‘Stupid’ ‘Buffoon’ on 'Daily Show'

“Yeah, he's stupid."

Michael Wolff is still at it. The author of the new leftist Bible Fire and Fury -- a tabloidesque piece of anti-Trump, unsubstantiated gossip -- appeared on The Daily Show Monday to continue making a fool of himself.

Appropriate to his appearance on a network called "Comedy Central," the writer continued to push his book as an agenda-free document of facts while at the same time making completely partisan, subjective denouncements of President Donald Trump.

Given the incendiary nature of the book and Wolff's blatant insults aimed at Trump, Noah asked the USA Today contributor if he was afraid of retaliation from the President:

“After writing this book, is there even a tiny little part of you that's afraid? Because Donald Trump definitely bears a grudge.”

Wolff suggested Trump will eventually take credit for Fire and Fury, which he said is the "best selling book in the world."

Lauding the work for its "journalistic foray in to the White House," Noah called it a "fascinating and fun read." "Nonpartisan" Wolff described the essence of the book thusly:

"It is...about what I saw and what I heard. I mean these are the greatest bunch of knuckleheads I think, that have ever been assembled in one place."

When asked if he may have been given some erroneous information, Wolff stated:

“I think everyone in the White House would agree that Trump is someone who should not be president."

Really? Everyone in the White House would agree? What does he base that kind of a statement on?

Doubling down, Wolff reiterated:

“The President of the United States is surrounded by people who believe he shouldn't have this job."

Noah was happy to affirm:

"Right. You must forgive me if I'm just shocked at all of this because you almost feel like it's depressing that he's not a mastermind that is planning all of this. We are just all dealing with a buffoon is almost what you're saying."

"Unbiased" Wolff clarified:

“Yeah, he's stupid. I mean, it's why -- and it's one of the most wounding things you can say to him or that people can say about him -- is that he's stupid. His head is -- his hair is going up right now. He's also bald."

Yeah -- that doesn't sound like a tabloid at all.

"You're really good at selling the book, man," Noah commended.