TIME Mag Still Calculating Scenarios for a Hillary Win

Reality is hard.

TIME magazine is having a hard time coming to grips with reality. A number-crunching app was put to work around the clock calculating what it would’ve taken for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. And according to writer Chris Wilson, it found the perfect scenario that would have made it so:

As an experiment, TIME examined the results for all 3,108 counties in the continental U.S. and ran several simulations to see how the results would have been different if those state lines were slightly adjusted — without moving a single actual voter, just the state he or she calls home. In the most striking of those scenarios, one can flip the results of the 2016 election by reassigning just three counties to neighboring states: Lucas County, Ohio; Mercer County, N.J. and Lake County, Ill.

Wilson began his article with a history lesson around the Midwestern states, touching on the Toledo War between Michigan and Ohio 180 years ago in which Ohio emerged victorious with a parcel of land Michigan wanted.

“[W]hich, unforeseeable at the time, was very bad news for Hillary Clinton,” Wilson lamented. 

But with the stroke of a keyboard and a lot of imagination, Wilson rewrites a more desirable outcome to him of that historical battle:

Like most urban counties, Lucas County favored Clinton by a solid margin — though not solid enough to put Ohio in the Democrat's column. However, had the county been part of Michigan, as was nearly the case long ago, Clinton's 35,000-vote margin of victory would have been enough to flip Michigan in her favor.

Except that's not what happened so why does it matter? Unless TIME's app wrote time traveling code into its interactive map, then I'd say this was a giant waste of money.

After he was done playing “What if…,” Chris “I’m STILL with Her” Wilson made his last desperate plea knowing his Hillary Calculator was never going to alter reality. What’s left to blame? “Archaic boundaries,” of course:

But when the presidency is at stake, it's worth remembering that the nation itself is made up of archaic boundaries that lead to unpredictable outcomes.

It’s time to wake up and smell the Trump coffee. He won. Move on.