Dartmouth Refuses Event with Israeli Soldier, Anti-Semite Sarsour Speaks Tonight

Campus "diversity" in action.

On Friday evening, anti-Israel activist and pro-Hamas hatemonger Linda Sarsour will be giving a speech co-sponsored by Dartmouth’s Office of Pluralism and Leadership (OPAL). It’s scheduled as an event to honor Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. However, earlier in the week, OPAL denied a request from a member of a Jewish student group to sponsor an event featuring a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces.

The Algemeiner explains:

According to a member of Dartmouth Students for Israel (DSI) — who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution by the administration — OPAL turned him down earlier this week when he approached them about co-hosting a program featuring Izzy Ezagui, the only soldier to ever return to battle after losing an arm in combat.

DSI was told by an OPAL representative that the Ezagui lecture “sounds like a great event, but it is felt that it does not meet the mission of OPAL.” The representative then suggested “more appropriate places to reach out to” for assistance, including the Student Accessibility Services, which the DSI member said is “generally not an organization that does events.”

OPAL’s mission is declared “to foster a Dartmouth where all students can thrive, value difference, and contribute to the creation of a socially just world.” Unless you’re Jewish, it would appear.

The student sent an e-mail to OPAL asking for an explanation:

“I looked at the OPAL mission prior to contacting the office and thought it was very compatible with a ‘comprehensive leadership development’ program, as well as representing historically under-represented groups (Izzy is a Jew, and is disabled, so both groups have been historically under represented at this college and nationally).”

No satisfactory reason was given. However, the DSI was eventually able to find co-sponsors for the Israeli soldier event through other campus groups.

But OPAL is just fine with inviting Sarsour and announced she will be speaking on “how home and a sense of belonging is sometimes the result of our own personal advocacy.”

As a reminder, Sarsour is pro-Sharia law, a supporter of the BDS movement, and has family members serving time in Israeli prisons as recruiters for the terror group Hamas. She advocated for New York City public schools to observe Muslim holidays and was invited multiple times to Obama’s White House and honored there as a “champion of change.” Sarsour was also a leading organizer of the Women’s March on Washington. For more of her misdeeds, see her entry at Discover the Networks.

In addition to welcoming an avid anti-Semite on its campus, Dartmouth appointed a new dean of faculty this week who fully supports the Boycott, Divestment, Sanction movement furthering the concerns of Jewish students.

The president of the Jewish student group DSI, Sandor Farkas, told The Algemeiner:

“I think Dartmouth College has shown a remarkable disregard for the concerns of the Jewish community by inviting renowned BDS advocate and Israel-hater Linda Sarsour.

“Over my four years at Dartmouth, I have always felt that our campus conversation around Israel was reasoned and respectful, with only an occasional exception. While I want to believe that this coincidence [of two anti-Israel incidents in one week] is nothing more than administrative incompetence, OPAL’s refusal to co-sponsor an event with an Israeli speaker demonstrates otherwise. I am deeply saddened to graduate knowing that my Jewish friends on campus may face real hatred and discrimination, not only from other students, but from the highest levels of the college administration.”