Study on Patriotism: Conservatives Score 75% Higher Than Left-Wingers

65% of conservatives say they are “proud to be American,” compared to only 37% of lefties.

According to many on the Left, dissent is the greatest form of patriotism. However, according to a new survey, conservatism is.

According to a national poll conducted by the Ear to the Ground Listening Project, there is a great divide between the Right and the Left with regard to love of country: 65% of conservatives say they are “proud to be American,” compared to only 37% of left-wingers.

Furthermore, nearly 20% of those on the left side of politics say they want to live in another country, with only 5% of conservatives sharing that view.

With regard to liberty and freedom, the Left polled much differently from their right-wing counterparts, being 20 points less likely to consider their American citizenship very meaningful, and 27 points less likely to hold dear the 2nd Amendment. They were 30 points less likely to attach meaning to the American Flag, 33 points lower on their value of the Pledge of Allegiance, and a whopping 38% lower with regard to their consideration of the Bible as having great meaning.

As for the most patriotic brands in America, results among left-wingers weren't encouraging. To conservatives, those organization which represent America include Fox News, the NRA, Chick-fil-A, and Hobby Lobby. For the Left, the list included the NFL, Planned Parenthood, and The New York Times

Perhaps grimmest of all was the indication of patriotism in general and its potential foreshadowing of the future. As the Ear to the Ground Listening Project relates:


    •    Only 22% of Americans surveyed said they strongly agree they 
        would feel safe wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

    •    13% say patriotism is on the rise while half of the nation 
        believes it is waning. (About one-quarter say it is stable, 
        and one-tenth “don’t know.”)

    •    Most of the respondents (59%) characterized themselves as 
        “extremely” or “very” patriotic.

    •    Conservatives are more likely to perceive a drop in 
        patriotism in America (62%) than Moderates (49%) or Liberals 

    •    Slightly less than half (46%) “completely” embrace the idea 
        that they “feel proud to be an American.” 

    •    74% of adults say their political views are not “clear and 

Wow -- only 22% would feel safe wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. That's a disturbing reflection of the ever-escalating incivility of the Left, exemplified by violent university protests and Antifa madness, and supported by pro-violence leftist professors and a creeping "by all means necessary," fascistic approach to making change. And, as the study reveals -- despite the Left's endorsement of patriotic dissent -- the change they want to make isn't patriotic at all.