Story of NYC Attack Stopped by Trump Resurfaces Amid Claims He Would Rush Shooter

"The Donald to The Rescue"

President Trump on Monday criticized the armed guard who waited outside of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School instead of engaging the shooter who was inside killing 17 people. Trump said if he were nearby to a mass shooting, he would do what he could to intervene and try to stop the shooter.

“You know, I really believe — you don’t know until you’re tested — but I really believe I’d run in there even if I didn’t have a weapon, and I think most of the people in this room would’ve done that, too,” the president said.

For that comment, Trump has been viciously mocked online and by the media for showing such bravado. He wasn’t implying that he would single-handedly stop a mass shooting but was simply saying he would feel compelled to do something, unlike the armed officers on-scene. Still, the anti-Trumpers were in full force claiming he would run away as fast as he could.

However, a story from the ‘90s resurfaced amid this mockery which suggests Trump is dead serious about intervening. It was first published in the New York Daily News by reporter James Rosen in 1991. New York City radio and TV host Mark Simone put a clip of the story on Twitter:



According to Rosen’s report, Trump was with Marla Maples one evening heading to New Jersey to catch a Paula Abdul concert of all things. Trump noticed a “brutal-looking” mugging taking place and asked his driver to pull over. One witness said he saw Trump get out and yell at a guy hitting another man with a bat and told him to drop the bat. Trump said the attacker spoke to him briefly before running away. The future president said he stayed nearby to make sure the victim received medical treatment before driving on to the concert.

Read the entire news story below from an archived clipping:

This won’t do much to quiet the naysayers, but it’s got a lot of Trump supporters applauding what was reported as a courageous act.