Stephen Colbert Calls Kellyanne Conway 'Satan's Trophy Wife'

"It’s easy to remember."

Stephen Colbert can break all the taboos that leftists hold dear, from homophobic jokes to characterizing powerful women as "Satan's trophy wife" because they broke the glass ceiling while playing on the wrong team. 

On his show Thursday night, Colbert ripped into Kellyanne Conway for her use of paper signs during an interview with Fox News this week defending President Trump against Russia collusion hysteria. 

“Last night, senior White House adviser and Satan’s trophy wife Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News and used a little visual aid to drive home her point,” Colbert said, before pulling out papers with the words “articulate,” “incriminate,” anticipate,” and “an inmate” on them.

“[Donald] Trump Jr. tried to articulate but that turned out to incriminate,” Colbert said. “See it’s easy to remember, it’s something even an idiot would anticipate and now he’s going to be an inmate. Just thought we’d have some fun with words.”

The mean-spirited and sexist and vicious attacks on Kellyanne Conway have been pouring out ad nauseam from the left since she helped defeat their beloved queen for the prized Presidency. 

Earlier this week, host Jimmy Kimmel bashed Kellyanne Conway's looks by conducting a mock interview a mangled-face puppet of Conway on his show. Check out this nasty display: