Sarah Huckabee Sanders Called ‘Butch Queen’ by Journalist, Media Predictably Silent

Wait, I thought disparaging a woman's looks was a damnable offense?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not only the latest White House press secretary, replacing Sean Spicer, but she’s also the latest target of the putrid bile that flows from the mouths of the Left.

The Daily Beast’s culture writer Ira Madison III derided the looks of Sanders in a now-deleted tweet screencapped below:

Because this wasn’t directed at Michelle Obama or some other female leftist, the media has been deafeningly silent, as John Nolte points out:

A good faith look through the Google machine shows that not a single mainstream media outlet picked the story up.

Not one.

Nothing at CNN.

Not a peep from Politico.

Not a sound from NBC News.

Not a squeak from The Washington Post.

Not a squeal from The New York Times.

Nolte makes another salient point in comparing how the media ignored this tweet from a relatively unknown Daily Beast writer but blew up the story of an unknown GOP staffer who criticized President Obama’s daughter’s choice in clothing. She had to resign after “26 stories at The Washington Post, countless segments on CNN, endless blasts from NBC News.” She was called a cyber-bully, no less! But it’s crickets when a conservative woman is called a “butch queen.”

Madison “made things right” by issuing the standard, but always forced, apology for his innate hypocrisy:



See? It was just a joke! No biggie.

Remember: Under the rules of feminism, it’s never okay to judge a woman’s appearance unless she is a Republican, conservative, or even barely leans to the right. 

And the Left’s war on women continues.