Some College Students Support Trump’s Wall But Won’t Admit It Publicly

They’d be targeted on campus if they did.

A new video from Campus Reform confirms what is common thinking on most college campuses: Trump’s border wall is a terrible idea and the U.S. needs to go full open borders. But there were some students who told CR off-camera that they do support a border wall but just can’t admit it publicly for fear of reprisal. 

“It’s a bad idea” and “It’s ignorant” were the popular refrains among students at Trinity College in San Antonio, Texas, when asked about the proposed border wall. Most felt that it wouldn’t stop the flow of illegal aliens and would actually make it more dangerous for those attempting to cross.

Instead, the students interviewed by CR felt open borders is the better idea because, “More mixing of cultures, that’s just a good, all-around thing.”

“Open borders all the way,” another stated. “I am no more entitled to live in this country than anyone else. I just happened to be born here. So, it makes no sense that I should get all the advantages of living in the Unites States and someone else should not.”

After the student made that statement, he was less talkative when CR asked, “Are you concerned that if we do have an open border policy, there would be no way of actually knowing who’s coming in and out of the country?”

“Yeah, I suppose that’s a valid statement, I mean…,” he stumbled, realizing he hasn’t thought this policy all the way through.

However, what CR discovered was that some of the students “admitted off-camera that they like the idea of a wall.” However, “[T]hey refused to offer support for it on the record, citing fears that others on campus would ostracize them.”

Ah, yes, the marketplace of free ideas stifled by mandatory groupthink. That’s liberal arts education for you! Heck, Trinity isn’t hiding it:

Trinity students live in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world where borders mean less and collaboration, tolerance, and intercultural communication mean more. For these reasons Trinity offers a rigorous yet flexible curriculum enhanced with a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and special opportunities, all of which are designed to provide real world experiences, increase international exposure and understanding, and instill the values required for global citizenship and making a difference.