SNL Spikes Weinstein Joke

Lorne Michaels calls it a "New York thing."

Saturday Night Live might have started the show with a tribute to those murdered in Las Vegas but they moved quickly to cracking jokes about the worst mass shooting in American history. Their desire to hop on a hot story for laughs wasn't quite so strong when it came to the bombshell revelations about movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, fired from his own company on Sunday for sexual harassment allegations.

It's wasn't for a lack of trying by the cast though.

According to, a joke about Weinstein's troubles was included in the dress rehearsal but didn't make it to air.

'I remember a joke being made about him during weekend update... I don't remember the joke, I just remember that it got a big reaction from the audience,' an audience member revealed.

Over at the New York Times, there were claims that actually two jokes were cut:

This person said that there were jokes about Mr. Weinstein in a comedy sketch that was dropped before airtime, and also in its “Weekend Update” segment. These cuts were made simply because the material seemed to fall flat with the show’s studio audience, the person said.  

Was it a lack of laughs or a lack of guts? Caught leaving a late night party after the show, SNL creator and head honcho Lorne Michaels simply said, "It's a New York thing."


While Michaels was willing to give Weinstein a pass because of a "New York thing," no such pass has ever been offered to President Donald Trump, a New Yorker himself. SNL has been savage in its coverage of Trump, even going so far as to compare his "locker room" comments on the infamous Access Hollywood tape to the molestation of children at Penn State.

The hypocrisy didn't go unnoticed as viewers reacted on Twitter to the obvious double standard. Donald Trump Jr. chimed in on the "New York thing."

Other users wondered about the hypocrisy of it all.

The absence of jokes was so bad even writers for the left-wing Daily Beast noted it.

So far the only late night comedian to have tackled Weinstein's fall from grace appears to have been John Oliver.