Silicon Valley So Far Left, Tech Workers Are Retreating to Leftist L.A.

It’s almost like the setup to a joke.

Silicon Valley is so far to the left... ("How far left is it?") ... so far left that many tech workers are retreating to the slightly less-leftist pastures of Los Angeles. It would sound like a joke if it weren’t true.

Apparently, a slight trend is on the uptick in the tech industry. Billionaire entrepreneurs, like the pro-Trump venture capitalist Peter Thiel, are leaving Silicon Valley because of extreme discrimination against conservatives and libertarians. It must be bad if Los Angeles sounds more tolerant.

Investor Tom McInerney is another person joining the exodus. He told The Wall Street Journal:

“I think the politics of San Francisco have gotten a little bit crazy. The Trump election was super polarizing and it definitely illustrated – and Peter (Thiel) said this – how out of touch Silicon Valley was.”

As Western Journalism noted, recent surveys revealed that a large majority of tech workers, 89% who identify as very conservative and 74% who identify as conservative, “are hesitant of being themselves while working in Silicon Valley.” Mostly libertarians responded to the survey and two-thirds of them felt exactly the same.

Now these right-leaning techies will have so much in common with the few Hollywood conservatives who find themselves blackballed from the film industry. Misery loves company, they say.