SHOCK: U.S. Made Over Trillion Dollars of Improper Payments

You lose a trillion here, you lose a trillion there and eventually it adds up.

Last week, Comptroller General Gene Dodaro told the Senate Budget Committee some very, very bad news: the federal government accidentally paid out more than a trillion dollars over the years. “These are payments that should not have been made," Dodaro said, "or were made in the wrong amounts." According to CNS, the problem is even worse than Dodaro can calculate:

The problem is growing, he said, from $125 billion in 2014; to $137 billion in 2015; to the most recent estimate of $144 billion in 2016. “This includes estimates for 112 programs at 22 federal agencies, so it is a pervasive problem,” he added.

Since 2003 – when Congress required many executive departments and agencies to estimate the amount of improper payments annually – the cumulative total is estimated to be “in excess of $1.2 trillion,” Dodaro said. “So it’s a significant amount of money.”

Dodaro said three big federal programs – Medicare, Medicaid and the Earned Income Tax Credit -- account for most (75 percent) of the improper payments. “But there are a number of programs across government where this problem is an issue,” he said.

But wait! Eighteen “risk-susceptible” programs don't report their losses at all, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and SNAP (food stamps). In fact, the $144 billion Dodaro reports wasted last year doesn't even include Defense Department estimates. In a remarkable understatement, the Comptroller General said this “is an area that I believe requires additional and more aggressive congressional oversight.”

You think? Every American should watch the video below on April 15th and again on Voting Day. Our politicians in Washington DC are corrupt and inept, and should be held accountable by voters.