Shock! Alex Wagner Admits GOP Has Mothers (But Pelosi Says They Don't Love Their Kids)

"I do ask them more broadly, all of them, do your children breathe air, drink water"

MSNBC's Alex Wagner asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Friday if she ever asks the men in the GOP to remember what their mothers had to go through. Pelosi responded that she doesn't talk about their moms, but does talk about their children -- and then suggested that Republicans don't want their kids to breathe clean air, drink clean water, or eat safe foods. 


What shocks me about this platform we're talking about, the three pillars of the House Democratic economic agenda for women, pay, work and family balance, child care. These shouldn't be partisan issues. And every man in Congress had or has a mother that had to in some way deal with these issues. Do you ever say to speaker Boehner, you had a mom, came from a big Catholic family in Ohio; you understand the importance of family planning. Do you ever engage with them as humans---

Recognizing that Republicans have mothers may be the nicest thing Alex Wagner has ever said about the opposition party on her MSNBC program.


No, I don't talk to him about what his mother and his family did because that's up to them. I do ask them more broadly, all of them, do your children breathe air, drink water? Because they are very much against, almost every day here we'll be voting for something that degrades the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food safety issues that relate to the health of children. I think that every family says, you know, I want to do the best for my family, the best I can do but you can't ensure they will have clean air, clean water, food safety. That's a public-private partnership that has to have a government role that goes with it. I confine my questions to them. On the subject of family planning, of course I have five children exactly in six years. I say to them, do you have any idea what's going on in your families? Not to Mr. Boehner but to our colleagues more generally, because the fact is that have a little respect for the decisions women make or that families make, but it's not the business of politicians to make about the size and time of your family.

Pelosi's answer wasn't really about clean air, food and water; what she was really saying, of course, is that Republicans don't like children.