CBS Has Gun Discussion Hosted by Anchor Who Favors 2nd Amendment Abolition

“What is it going take to break the spell between certain members of Congress and the NRA?”

In a stunning yet unsurprising turn Thursday, CBS thought it was a good idea for Alex Wagner to moderate a discussion on gun rights. The idea is peculiar to say the least, given that the left-wing commentator has previously called for the abolition of America's right to bear arms. Hosting Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) on CBS This Morning, Wagner pressed with fervor, demanding to know when the "spell" cast over the GOP by the NRA would be broken.

Speaking as if Democrats aren't also supported by ideological donors, Wagner seemed to think she was incriminating Flake with the mere notion that his campaign had accepted contributions from the National Rifle Association:

“Senator, the President also said the NRA has ‘great power over you people.’ You were endorsed by the NRA in 2012. You accepted campaign donations from them.” 

Wagner then asked the ridiculous question regarding the pro-2nd-Amendment organization's witchery:

“What is it going take to break the spell between certain members of Congress and the National Rifle Association?”

Flake judiciously noted, "Sometimes I agree with the NRA, sometimes I don't." The anchor repeated, "Break the spell."

To Wagner, it is an evil spell indeed -- on November 4th, 2011, she proclaimed on HBO's Real Time:

"I think get rid of the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms. I just think in the grand scheme of the rights that we have; the right of assembly, free speech, I mean, owning a gun does not, it does not tally on the same level as those other constitutional rights."

Who is she to determine that the right of Americans to defend themselves isn't "on the same level" as the freedom of expression or assembly? Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment isn't merely one of several rights; it is at the center of our rights. The Constitution guarantees freedom of speech, etc., and we are granted the liberty to defend ourselves against the violation of those rights -- by government tyranny. 

Wagner must view the world as an eminently safe place. Except, of course, when it comes to the NRA: on February 14th, 2013, she labeled the institutional champion of gun rights as "racist," accusing Wayne LaPierre -- president of the association -- of being scared of "dark people."


Appearing to affirm the notion of the NRA having some dastardly control of Republicans, This Morning co-host Gayle King asked Flake:

“Now that you're not running for re-election, do you feel freer to speak up against the NRA and the President in ways you didn’t feel you could do before?"

Left-wing elitists have an evidently difficult time recognizing that the world outside their bubble doesn't wholly agree with them politically. Rather than understanding that many Americans aren't in line with their radical bent -- and that the NRA is, therefore, an organization representing millions of citizens who cherish self-defense and the Bill of Rights, supporting Republicans who can fight for them -- to many on the Left, the GOP falls into only two categories: evil, and those controlled by evil. The sinister masters, and their puppets. Americans know better. And the more the media elites condescend, the more irrelevant they become.