Sheila Jackson Lee Embarrasses Herself on CNN, Repeatedly Calls Hurricane Sandy ‘Sandy Hook

Is there something in the water at the DNC?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) had a rough time keeping her national tragedies straight during an interview on CNN's New Day with Alisyn Camerota. As The Washington Free Beacon reported, Lee constantly referred to “Sandy Hook,” the 2012 mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school, when she was asked about her voting record on Hurricane Sandy that devastated the east coast that same year.

Sure, there was a lot going on during the interview. Lee was at a busy Hurricane Harvey shelter in Houston with announcements blaring over loudspeakers, but several times she ignored the host’s correction that Sandy Hook and Hurricane Sandy were two different things.

Here's just one of the exchanges:

"As I said, I voted on legislation to help the Sandy Hook victims," Lee told Camerota.

"Sandy superstorm,” Camerota corrected.

“And Sandy super strong,” echoed Lee, still note getting it right.

Moments later, Lee repeated, ”The Sandy Hook vote took many times and my vote was for the maximum amount of money.”

At the end of Lee’s interview, co-host Chris Cuomo made sure to clarify that, “The congresswoman kept saying ‘Sandy Hook,’ but she meant Superstorm Sandy.”

And like the Free Beacon, we also heard the rep blunder New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s name, calling him “Governor Crispy” (at 5:55). But earlier in the interview, we could’ve sworn she said “building” instead of “billion.” Check it out at 1:25 and see if you don’t hear her say, “The aid-need in Sandy was $70 billion, funding was about $51 building.”

Look, people are only human and botch the English language all the time. It just appears to be happening a lot in the Democratic Party lately. Had Lee only said “building” for “billion,” no one would blink. Had she even mistakenly said “Sandy Hook” instead of Hurricane Sandy and fixed it upon correction, we’d all move on. But Lee’s repeated mistakes leave us wondering — with Nancy Pelosi thinking President Bush is still in office and Maxine Waters confusing "Crimea" and "Korea," is there something in the water in Washington? Or is it that these members have served their time and are showing us it’s time they go?

And by the way, why isn't the left protesting the racist resemblance between Sheila Jackson Lee's name and that of a certain Confederate General whose history we are trying to erase? Why aren't they demanding that she change her last name?