Sharpton Thinks Huckabee Wants Patdowns for Voters

Sharpton misunderstood a joke Gov. Mike Huckabee made at a conservative conference over the weekend.

Al Sharpton didn't get the joke.  Gov. Mike Huckabee cracked a joke over the weekend comparing scrutiny Americans face before they can fly on a commercial airliner to the very little, to sometimes zero, identification needed to vote.  After reading a quote from the RNC's Sean Spicer where he said Democrats were trying to make something out of nothing regarding voter ID laws, Sharpton responded,

Democrats are creating an issue out of nothing? That's almost as laughable as what Governor Huckabee said this weekend.

Sharpton then played the clip of Huckabee's comments at a New Hampshire event this past weekend sponsored by Citizens United and Americans for Prosperity. Obviously not getting the point of the governor's statement, Sharpton wondered:

What's he suggesting? That people should be patted down when they wanna vote? These new laws are brazen! And so is the right's defense of them.

Earlier in the segment Sharpton played numerous clips of President Obama's address to his non-profit, The National Action Network, at their annual conference in New York City last week. At the conference both Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama brought up voter ID laws.