Sharpton Promotes His Own Non-Profit Every Day on MSNBC

Every day this week Al Sharpton spent time promoting his non-profit's annual conference on his MSNBC show.

Every day this week, Al Sharpton has used his platform at MSNBC to promote his non-profit the National Action Network and its annual convention in New York City this week. Sharpton spent his first segment on Friday's Politics Nation -- 17 full minutes -- playing clips of President Obama's speech from earlier in the day. Obama spoke about voter identification laws and the importance NAN plays in fair and honest voting. Sharpton giddily showed numerous clips of the president speaking to the friendly audience and even bragged,

The president drove home the point that we need to act ourselves! And he made that point with a nod to my civil rights organization. 

Eric Holder spoke at the NAN conference earlier this week and used it as an opportunity to hit Rep. Louie Gohmert and other Republican politicians for being unfair and disrespectful to him. He asked the audience, after saying it wasn't about him, "What attorney general has ever had to deal with that kind of treatment?"

Sharpton has never revealed if he has invited and included high-ranking Republicans as speakers at his conference. Year after year, it is an opportunity for Democrats to speak to their base and Sharpton to boost his ego.