Sharpton: The Struggle Continues 'After Year of Action'

Al Sharpton tells his viewers the "struggle" continues for minorities and the gay rights movement in 2014.

Al Sharpton ended his show Friday dubbing 2013 a "Year of Action." Or, perhaps, fighting, for the host cited the "continuing fight" for "gay rights," "women's rights" and "civil rights."

Sharpton lashed the Supreme Court's voting rights act decision as undermining minority voting rights. And he praised Texas lawmaker Wendy Davis and her 11-hour filibuster opposing a bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks. Sharpton also said immigrants can no longer be denied, saying that the people who fasted on Capitol Hill for "immigrant rights" have given "too much" to not be heard.

Referencing Trayvon Martin, Sharpton said,

We rallied for justice in every state and on a host of issues! In Florida it was for Trayvon Martin, an unarmed young man who was gunned down!

Al then played Obama's White House press conference after the verdict acquitting George Zimmerman of murder charges and added,

While the verdict was disappointing, it inspired a national movement against the unjust policy of 'Stand Your Ground'! 

Sharpton and other liberal talking heads have long used SYG as a talking point in the Martin/Zimmerman case, even though Zimmerman never invoked the law in his defense. Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, has even participated in rallies with Al Sharpton where they have pushed for a repeal of 'Stand Your Ground' laws in 16 states. 

Sharpton also said "so much has been achieved" on issues like gay marriage and the implementation of Obamacare before waxing back to his early days:

We had our mix-ups with the website on healthcare, we had our setbacks with Supreme Court decisions, but when I stood there where Dr. King and others stood 50 years ago and thought about 50 years ago, there was no healthcare act. There was no right to vote for all Americans. There wasn't even the dream of the rights of gays and the rights of immigrants. I thought about how far we've come and I thought about how can we complain to preserve things that just a half century ago were not even in existence?