Sharpton Uses MSNBC To Promote Personal Non-Profit

Sharpton's National Action Network Reaps benefits from Sharpton's show

Al Sharpton used his MSNBC show to promote his yearly New York City event featuring his National Action Network. Sharpton has a clause in his contract allowing him to continue his personal civil rights agenda while operating and serving as the face of the non-profit National Action Network and having a show on MSNBC. Truth Revolt has previously covered NBC News' allowing Sharpton to "carve out" space in his contact with them so he can continue blatantly-biased political activities. 

After a discussion about voter ID laws in Ohio that Sharpton dubbed dangerous and unconstitutional, he used the opportunity to promote his event in NYC this April. In the past, liberals have investigated the dealings of Col. Oliver North's Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund after Sean Hannity held numerous charitable concerts for the organization. Their argument was that politicos should not be allowed to attend concerts for a non-profit event. Sharpton and others have not criticized the National Action Network for inviting and giving a keynote spot to President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and many other Democratic politicians.

During the free national promotion via his NBC News employer, Sharpton said,

And voting rights will be a big part of this year's convention for my civil rights group the National Action Network. It features a special address from President Obama himself! Other speakers include Attorney General Eric Holder, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

He then gave out the website with a screenshot of what to type and an image of Obama and Sharpton smiling and waving from a podium. Sharpton's conference site touts Obama as the headliner and will cost participants staying at the nearby Times Square hotels at least $250 a night. The price of the convention is not available online without a log in.