Sharpton Reluctantly Commends Trump on UCLA Players: ‘Broke Clock Right Twice a Day’

But that's all he's gonna get.

President Trump worked with China’s leader Xi Jinping in securing the release of three UCLA basketball players after they were arrested for shoplifting in the communist country. While the players are thanking the president for ensuring they got back on American soil, Al Sharpton was a bit reluctant in his praise of the good deed.

Speaking to TMZ cameras, the leftist pundit likened Trump’s actions to a broken clock being right twice a day:

“I think that President Trump speaking to Xi to make whatever arrangements were made — whatever influence was made —  was good. It shows even a broke clock is right twice a day. He did the right thing. That does not mean he’s right once the dial moves past that.”

It’s amazing Sharpton didn’t need a teleprompter to get through that; not that it would have helped, anyway.

TMZ was even shocked that Sharpton almost had something nice to say about Trump and gave them a glimpse of “world peace.”

Watch below: