'Shark Tank' Mark Cuban: Trump Won't 'Last Four Years'

"It’s about temperament."

Billionaire Mark Cuban of the hit show Shark Tank, who avidly supported Hillary Clinton and bashed Donald Trump throughout the election, is now pushing the leftist wishful thinking that President Trump won't last four years.

Speaking with TMZ on Wednesday, Cuban said that while he likes some of policies, he think others have been disastrous, and he won't last.  

"Some of his policies are fine, right, some of his Republican-driven policies — tax reform, reduction of bureaucracy," he said. "I think there are a lot of positives there, but I don’t think those are necessarily his ideas, and the execution, particularly on the ban, has been horrible. I mean, I don’t think he lasts four years."

"Look, it’s our country, we want him to do well and want the country to do well, there’s a lot of great opportunity here," he added. "It’s not about policies. It’s about temperament. It’s about approach. It’s about investing the time to learn."

Cuban made none of these assertions when he openly promoted the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, who had been twice investigated by the FBI.  

The Democrats hope that Trump's fate while in office will be either his death by assassination, death by natural causes, impeachment by the Senate, or eventual resignation. They have openly fantasized about all four, and if none of these fantasies comes to fruition, their response will likely be what we have seen from them in the riots at Berkeley recently: busted fantasies lead their adherents to violence and destruction.