Sen. Warren Refuses to Name a Single Thing Trump has Done Right

Way to stay partisan, Fauxcahontas.

On Wednesday’s The View, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was asked to name something President Trump has done right during his first 90 days in office but proved too steeped in her own partisanship to muster a single positive thing about the president.

It wasn’t a hard question asked by the show’s resident libertarian, Jedediah Bila. Trump has been very busy, so surely there must be at least one thing Warren could get behind. But, she couldn’t — or wouldn’t — think of anything.

Newsbusters provides a transcript:

BILA: Trump is been here for 90 days.

WARREN: Is that all? It's, like, dog years or something.

BILA: He has done a lot of stuff in 90 days. What has he done right so far? [ Laughter ]

WARREN: No. Actually, I take that question very seriously. Because, look. Obviously, I fought hard to try to get Hillary elected. I did not want to see Donald Trump as president. But he promised he was going to be out there for working people. And, you know, it's not -- it's not the what he says. It's not the tweets. I just keep watching what he is actually doing. And so in 90 days, he signed off on a law that makes it easier for employers to steal their employees' wages. He signed off on a law that makes it easier for companies that kill or maim their employees to keep it hidden. He signed off to make it easier for investment advisers to cheat pensioners and retirees, and to me, Trumpcare was, like, the whole thing in one microcosm. When he said, “Hey. I'm all in for a plan to knock 24 million people off their health care coverage, raise the cost for a lot of middle class families so that we can produce a tax cut for a handful of millionaires and billionaires.” So look. I wish he were out there working for middle class families and the working families and the working poor, but what he is doing is delivering one gut punch after another.

Sitting right next to Warren was apparently her biggest fan, the buzzsaw-voiced, purported comedienne Joy Behar, who launched even more Trump bashing and shamed his supporters.

“I’d like to know, given that information that you just put out there, why are these Trump supporters still supporting him?” Behar breathlessly asked. “They’re getting nothing,” she added.

Warren opined:

“He is the master of distraction. He is the master of, ‘Don’t look at what I’m doing…’ And boy, he’s good at it.”

So, there you go Trump supporters, you’re a bunch of brainless idiots!

Newsbusters summed up this segment well: “As per usual, the panel and the audience hung by baited breath for each answer Warren gave. Instead of the constant interruptions Republicans get from the hosts, she was able to complete every answer, with dutiful rounds of applause from the audience after every response.”

Warren was on the show promoting her new book, This Fight is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class. Pretty rich title coming from someone who hasn't been a part of the middle class for quite some time.