S.E. Cupp on 'The View': Hypocritical Left Believes Stormy Daniels, Dismisses Clinton Accusers

"Feminists like Gloria Steinem and Hillary Clinton herself went after these women and attacked them and smeared them."

On Friday's The View, HLN host and CNN contributor S.E. Cupp guest-hosted, bringing with her a counterbalance to the cacklefest's usual grind of left-wing agenda-soaked rhetoric.

During a discussion about porn star Stormy Daniels and her alleged past affair with President Trump, Cupp noted the hypocrisy of the Left's immediate substantiation of Daniels's story, contrasted by their polar opposite approach to Bill "Slick Willie" Clinton's many accusers in the 90's.

The conversation about Daniels began with focus on her profiting from the sensational story in spite of a non-disclosure agreement. The adult film actress has received multiple offers to appear on late night talk shows, and she is set to guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on January 30th. Cupp took the opportunity to ask why Kimmel -- who is on ABC, same as The View -- wouldn't bring Clinton victim Monica Lewinsky on his show as well:

“What bothers me, though, in giving her this platform, Monica Lewinsky was also caught having an affair with a president. Who is going to interview her? I would love to see someone interview her. Her life was ruined by this affair.”

Chief Clucker Joy Behar inserted, "She's been interviewed a million times!" Cupp pressed on, pointing out the dichotomy between the two women's plights:

“Jimmy Kimmel’s going to have Stormy Daniels on. Jimmy Kimmel needs to have [Lewinsky] on his show if he expects us to watch an interview with Stormy Daniels and take it seriously. Stormy Daniels is killing it. Monica Lewinsky's life was destroyed. Let’s give her a platform today." 

Behar interjected, catching herself mid-slut-shame:

“But Monica is more of an upstanding -- not that this girl is not. She's a porn star. It's a little different from Monica.” 

"That's why Monica should be given more of a platform," Cupp replied.

Left-wing attorney Sunny Hostin dismissed discussion of Clinton, on the basis that he is no longer President. But if the past doesn't matter, then what about the fact that Daniels's supposed encounter with Trump occurred in 2006? Cupp refused to grant the Left a pass, insisting that there are still things to be dealt with concerning America's first black president:

“No, no, no. This is all going to come back to roost. Until the Left really deals with the fact that feminists like Gloria Steinem and Hillary Clinton herself went after these women and attacked them and smeared them. Until that is all reckoned with, you can't say he's not president anymore."

Token conservative Meghan McCain bolstered Cupp's argument:

“There's a lot of hypocrisy with a lot of sort of like -- as S.E. is saying -- leftists, feminists. It publicly came out that Lena Dunham was caught in an off-the-record HBO dinner talking about how she was having a hard time supporting Hillary Clinton because of her relationship with Bill Clinton's mistresses.”

Behar shrugged off Bill's infidelities, as no one made the distinction that Hillary Clinton's husband wasn't merely accused of affairs, but rape:

“If you go back in history and bring back every woman who schtook [bleeped] the President, the whole building would be filled. I mean, starting with Thomas Jefferson and his slave girl, Sally Hemings. And George Washington did it, too, I heard.”

Funny that Behar should say that; despite her proclaimed apathy toward presidential infidelity, she seems quite interested in the notion of Trump having an affair. As reported by USA Country News:

“'Mother Jones...claims Trump wanted porn star Stormy Daniels…to spank him with a copy of Forbes magazine, that had him and his kids on the cover. Do those Russian hookers mean nothing to him?' joked Behar, referencing the debunked Russian Dossier. But of course, Behar isn’t one to care for accuracy."

The View is lacking many things, accuracy certainly being among them. One thing the show will surely not be short on any time soon is unrelenting bias against Donald J. Trump.