Schultz Curses at Kasich

"You're the biggest damn joke..."

First Ed Schultz let loose by yelling the f word at a caller on his radio show last week and now the liberal host is using "damn" on air to bash a Republican governor. On Thursday's The Ed Show, Schultz let loose at Gov. John Kasich of Ohio for signing legislation approving the secretary of state to be the sole official who can mail out unsolicited absentee ballots. Schultz sent a camera crew to follow Democrat candidate for Ohio Secretary of State Nina Turner as she took a public bus to a polling place and railed against her opponent and Kasich for their alleged "voter suppression." 

After playing the clip of Turner, Schultz shouted that he thought the legislation was unfair and wrong. He said the right to vote was harder in Ohio and challenged the leftist media to "get that story out," snapping:

Every liberal should see that story! That's what's happening! That's the result of voter suppression.. They don't want those black folks to vote! 

Schultz said it was un-American and wondered if the United States had returned to the colonial age before finishing:

Kasich! I was asked earlier in this broadcast who's a bigger joke, Darrell Issa or Louie Gohmert? I'm sorry! You're the biggest damn joke in America when it comes to bein' a governor!