Professor: We Are a White Supremacist Society

We are shocked, shocked, that an academic would say such a thing.

Campus Reform notes that a professor at Occidental College described America as a “white supremacist society” that “dehumanizes people of color” on MSNBC Friday.

During a discussion on The Ed Show over the symbolic role that the Confederate flag may have played in the recent Charleston church massacre, Occidental Associate Professor of politics Caroline Heldman launched into a rant about American racism that no one else on the show, certainly not host Ed Schultz, bothered to challenge:

It’s a myth to think that racists are unusual. We are a white supremacist society. We are a society that on its face values white people, what they do, and their body, their integrity, more than people of color -- not just African-Americans, but all people of color.

We dehumanize people of color in this country and so once a white person recognizes this, if they are given the opportunity and privilege of education then it is a constant struggle throughout the course of your lifetime to overcome it.

She gave no examples to back up her argument, nor did she acknowledge how much the Charleston shooting has unified all Americans in grief and support for the victims and survivors - all Americans, that is, except race-baiters and racists in the media.

It's worth pointing out also that Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof has stated that he was frustrated he couldn't find anyone else committed enough to his white supremacist cause, and so he carried out the atrocity alone.