Schultz: Bundy is a Freeloader

Ed Schultz joked about Cliven Bundy being related to Al Bundy then called him a fake cowboy.

Ed Schultz started off his Tuesday show playing clips of Fox News Channel's coverage of the now national news story regarding Cliven Bundy and the land-use demonstrations in Nevada. The video featured numerous pop-up images of Sean Hannity and clips of Laura Ingraham (whom he has previously called a "slut"), Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Megyn Kelly discussing the Bundy story. 

Schultz took issue with Republicans, and Fox News, for siding with Bundy but not covering the Keystone Pipeline. Schultz exclaimed that Bundy was a man who, "Paul Ryan might call a taker! A person who has been freeloading off the federal government...'

He continued that:

"Republicans are wrapping their arms around a lawbreaker!" 

Ed Schultz criticized Fox News for allegedly fueling the fire and covering the story at all. During the segment he made fun of the accents of Bundy's supporters and the appearance of the ranchers. At one point Schultz criticized Mr. Bundy for being "all hat and no cattle," a reference to someone being all talk and no action. 

Guest Mike Papantonio called the supporters of Bundy crazy tea party racists and "white supremacists."