Scarborough, Brzezinski Awarded for ‘Responsible Journalism' - No, Seriously

"The Radio Television Digital News Foundation will honor a distinguished group of journalists."

Left-wing Morning Joe Scarborough and partner Mika Brzezinski, who were just parodied on Saturday Night Live (pictured above), are being awarded as part of “a distinguished group of journalists" who perform their "duty to seek and report the truth.”

Say what?

At the Radio Television Digital News Foundation's First Amendment Awards dinner, the pair will be receiving the Leonard Zeidenberg First Amendment Award for "responsible journalism" and for making "a major contribution to the protection of First Amendment freedoms":

The Radio Television Digital News Foundation (RTDNF) will honor a distinguished group of journalists and First Amendment leaders that exemplify responsible journalism and who practice their constitutionally guaranteed duty to seek and report the truth at the 28th Annual First Amendment Awards on March 8, 2018.

RTDNF and its sister association RTDNA stand for all aspects of the First Amendment, particularly the freedom of the press. The Foundation aims to ensure that the broadcast and digital news profession remains a critical part of our nation’s free press for generations to come.

The couple -- who are a far cry from a portrait of responsible journalism -- won't be the only leftists being honored on awards night. Chuck Todd, Gretchen Carlson, CBS News president David Rhodes, and Good Morning America's Robin Roberts will also be recognized.

Just in the last week, Scarborough and Brzezinski have called Donald Trump a Nazi-loving "evil" "racist," while practicing armchair psychiatry and diagnosing the President with a host of mental illnesses including sociopathy, psychopathy, and paranoid schizophrenia. Perhaps their next award will come from the American Psychiatric Association. One group the APA will certainly not be heralding is the Radio Television Digital News Foundation: if that organization believes Scarborough and Brzezinski practice responsible journalism, they're crazy.