Joe Scarborough: ‘We Know What’s in the Memo' -- 'A Whole Lie'

"The only thing that seems to be going on is they're presenting half-facts."

On Monday, the House Intelligence Committee voted to publicly release a GOP-written memo alleging surveillance abuses by the FBI under the guise of utilizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. The four-page report -- spearheaded by Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Devin Nunes, could, in the words of CNN, "feed a GOP push to undercut special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and ratchet up a battle with the Justice Department."

Joe Scarborough -- who was recently awarded as a first-class "responsible journalist" -- doesn't think the information should ever come to light. Rather than wanting the truth to be revealed, the MSNBC left-winger called the release of such information "incredibly reckless."

Furthermore, on Tuesday's Morning Joe, the wild host attempted preemptive strikes against the information which could potentially hurt the Democrats. This was a bold move, given that Scarborough has no idea what the document contains. But he isn't interested in facts; only narrative and leftist victory.

About the contents, he bottom-lined:

"We know what's in the memo...The only thing that seems to be going on is they're presenting half-facts."

Within ten minutes, Joe had dismissed the as-yet-unseen memo as "a half-truth," "a whole lie," "misleading," false," "distorted," and "twisted" among other baseless descriptions.


It's hard to imagine how someone who claims to be a newsperson could give such a biased, partisan opinion, much less on information he does not even yet have -- and never want America to have, either. But Joe Scarborough isn't known for his professionalism or integrity. Co-host Mika seems to aptly sum up her outrageous, agenda-fueled partner with this description: