Sarah Silverman Meets ‘Jesus,’ Finds Out He’s a Leftist of Course

Just wait until she does one about Muhammad. Oh, wait…

Sarah Silverman’s unfunny show on Hulu, I Love You America, just got unfunnier with a new promo clip where she meets Jesus, played by Fred Armisen, in a sandwich shop. And it won’t be at all surprising to learn that the Jesus portrayed in the clip is the Democrat’s fantasy that Jesus was the original leftist progressive. Nothing funnier than sacrilege, right? 

The sketch begins with the two of them in line waiting to order a sandwich. Silverman strikes up a conversation and describes herself as “a huge fan” that quotes him all the time. She then infuses a quote attributed to Jesus in the gnostic Gospel of Thomas with profanity. Armisen’s Jesus, wearing a hat from the television show House, corrects her profane version. Now, if you’ve ever read anything by the real Jesus, you’ll notice the quote sounds nothing like him at all. But that’s just the beginning.

“I just love your whole peace and love vibe,” Silverman gushes. “I’m sorry for people who use your name to do really un-Jesus-y things.”

Armisen’s Jesus tells Silverman that people just do the best they can with what they’ve been given. He said that wasn’t his original idea, but something his therapist told him.

Silverman then asks a series of baited questions to prove Jesus thinks just like she does. Of NFL kneelers, Jesus said, “Good for them” for getting their voices heard. On healthcare, Jesus said, “If someone’s sick, you take care of them.” Then he adds:

“Oh, but right, this is the country where if you’re poor, they let you die if you’re sick. I mean, what a great way to treat someone… not! That’s 'Wayne’s World.'”

Silverman asks about abortion and, shockingly, Armisen’s Jesus said, “I’m against it.” But unable to leave it alone, he added, “But that’s just me… it’s up to the individual” and then added that he’s against squashing tiny bugs or killing animals, too. Silverman wrote in a “gotcha” moment because Jesus ordered a turkey sandwich. See what she did there?

The last question was on “thoughts and prayers” — the thorn in all leftist’s side. After tragedies, decent people offer thoughts and prayers as support for the victims. Lefties find it insulting, and in Silverman’s manifestation of Jesus, he agrees:

“I have to say, that makes me ca-razy… Would it kill you to call your legislator? Do something real!”

“Thank you,” a vindicated Silverman responds.

This is the fantasy world that Dems have to live in. When someone or something isn’t in their favor, they create an idol of their own and worship at its feet. Silverman goes all out on this one.

We wait with baited breath for her next sketch in which she runs into Islam's prophet Muhammad at a falafel shop and asks him a few questions. Go ahead, Sarah! How edgy can you be?