Sarah Silverman Bashes Middle America, Cops, Conservatives in Promo for New Show

I love you America? No, she doesn’t.

After Donald Trump won the White House, leftists swore they were going to pay more attention to the voices that arose from middle America on Election Day. The HuffPost, for example, said it would be sending out its journalists to find out what life is like outside the liberal bubbles of the East and West Coasts. And now, it appears as though ultra-leftist comedienne Sarah Silverman is doing a similar road trip for her new Hulu series, I Love You America. Well, she doesn’t love all of America, just the liberal bubbles as she makes abundantly clear in the new promo.

The unfunny and extremely vulgar song and dance number attempts to prove Silverman’s patriotism, but it’s quickly revealed that she only likes people just like her. The lyrics talks about flyover country in the most bland terms: “whatever’s in between" New York and California. “Whatever,” huh? She even points to Iowa and sings that she loves “whatever this state is.” Charming.

Silverman sings that she loves cops, but then stops the music to say how policing has always been about murdering unarmed blacks. But it’s all in “fun” for a “comedy” show, right?

The promo ends with a messagedirected at Trump voters:

"You know, sometimes I get really, really mad at you and the stupid shit that you do. How you vote for these rich fucks that lie to your faces and then systematically rape you of your rights and your job and your health care, and then you call me 'Hollywood elite.' Dude, I'm from f***ing New Hampshire. And you're mad at me for wanting the best for you and getting pissed when you vote against your best interest? I'm caring about you, I'm condescending to you."

Yes, Sarah, the message is clear. You do not love America, despite the name of your crappy new show that no one will watch.