Sanders Questioned Over Trump 'Corruption,' Ends in Clinton-Roasting Mic-Drop

"He couldn’t be bought, and everybody knew that she could."

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump heavily criticized New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand over her statements that he should resign due to accusations of sexual harassment. The allegations at hand were spotlighted just after the resignation of left-wing Senator Al Franken of Minnesota, and Michigan House Democrat John Conyers, followed by major media networks’ praise of the Democratic Party for its moral purity. The timing seemed to some a coordinated play on the side of the Dems, in order to then point the finger at Trump and wait for him to follow suit despite any evidence of wrongdoing. Tweeting in response to Gillibrand’s insistence, Trump called her a “lightweight” and a “flunky.” Furthermore, he recalled past instances of Gillibrand “begging” him for campaign contributions.

Cue accusations of sexism, since Trump is a man and Gillibrand is not. And, more importantly, Trump is a Republican. However, sufficient precedent has been set: Trump has many times been just as vocally critical of men.

During a press meeting, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by the pro-Democrat media circle about the exchange. As for Gillibrand vying for funds, then-civilian Trump had in fact contributed to her campaign. Subsequently -- and surely to pursue a narrative of Trump buying favors in the political realm -- Sanders was questioned over what Trump got for his money. “Access,” she answered.

Then Sanders turned her attention to the Democratic Party, taking a left-wing attempt to implicate the President and flipping it into a scathing castigation of the other side:

"That’s the reason that we have a broken system. That’s the reason that often special interests control our government more than the people do. That’s one of the reasons that this president ran to be president. It’s one of the top reasons that he won and that he’s sitting in the Oval Office today and Hillary Clinton is not -- because he couldn’t be bought, and everybody knew that she could. Because they have seen it time and time again."


Sanders was then asked if Trump “bought access in a corrupt way.” She volleyed:

"He says he knows how the system works. I think it would be disingenuous for anybody not to understand that. But at least this president is being honest about the process and his willingness to actually fix it and drain the swamp."

And that is how it's done.