San Francisco Harbored Illegal Alien Now Found Guilty of Grisly Murders

He should’ve been deported in 2006.

An illegal alien given sanctuary in San Francisco has been found guilty of the murders of five family members in 2012.

Binh Thai Luc, 41, broke into the home of the Lei family to rob them of money to repay his gambling and rent debts. But after taking $6,500, he beat them all to death with a hammer. 

Luc was hunkered down in the sanctuary city working as a plumber but was supposed to have been deported back in 2006. He was known for his violent criminal past which included serving a 10-year prison sentence for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in an armed robbery of a Chinese restaurant in San Jose back in 1996. According to The Daily Mail:

He was ordered to be deported to his native Vietnam upon his release, but the Vietnamese government didn't provide the documents needed to process his removal from the U.S., federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement previously said.

ICE officials released him into the community in 2006. 

Luc faces life in prison without parole for the murders and is eligible for the death penalty if the district attorney so chooses in the next phase. 

At least this verdict was just in lieu of the tragedy of the Kate Steinle case in which her killer, also an illegal alien, walked away punishment-free. However, San Francisco has a lot to answer for to harbor so many criminal aliens unapologetically.