Rosie O’Donnell Donates Big Bucks to NSA Leaker She Calls ‘Brave Young Patriot’

That’s not how you spell traitor.

What does Rosie O’Donnell call Reality Winner, the 25-year-old Bernie Sanders-supporting government contractor who leaked top-secret documents from the NSA? Why, a “brave young patriot,” of course. And to show us just how much O’Donnell loves treason against the USA, the washed up television star and ardent anti-Trumper donated $1,000 to Winner’s GoFundMe campaign.


The description at Winner’s GoFundMe page states, “This is a time to come together and unite in peace and hope and show the world LOVE ALWAYS WINS over hate! Good resists even when evil persists!" 

However, as the Washington Free Beacon points out, “GoFundMe's terms of service forbid setting up or contributing to a campaign set up for ‘the defense or support of anyone alleged to be involved in criminal activity.’”

O’Donnell just loves rule breakers, especially those on her side of the aisle:


Photo credit: YODCOX! via / CC BY-ND