Rosie O'Donnell Attempts To Bribe Congress with $2 Million

"No sh*t."

Former raging leftist from The View Rosie O’Donnell made a stunning move into the realm of political bribery Tuesday night, openly offering to pay Republican senators for a legislative favor. 

During debate in the Senate over the contentious tax reform bill, Rosie offered a staggering “2 million to any GOP senator who votes no” on the bill. Unfortunately for O’Donnell, no one took her up on the offer. Subsequently, all 51 members voted favorably.

O’Donnell treated Twitter like an auction block, firstly offering Arizona’s Jeff Flake and Maine’s Susan Collins mega-money to do her bidding:

“So how about this I promise to give 2 million dollars to senator susan collins and 2 million to senator jeff flake.”

Explaining her opposition to the bill, she posted:

“If they vote NO NO I WILL NOT KILL AMERICANS FOR THE SUOER (sic) RICH DM me susan DM me jeff no shit 2 million cash each.”



Having solidified her initial offer, O'Donnell then advanced to the negotiation stage, adding a breathtakingly melodramatic plea, an inexplicable reference to sexism, and a picture of Susan Collins's family:

"susan - 2 million dollars cash. call if u want to negotiate. do u think your family is proud of u @sennatorcollins. woman - mother - grandmother - sister - daughter. u have betrayed us all. dear god ask for forgiveness. redeem ur soul tomorrow"



O'Donnell's insanity went full bore at that point:





Some of Rosie's followers began to ask if her plan could actually work:





Being that O'Donnell was actually committing a felony, eventually some informed her of the illegality of her attempt:



Still, Rosie remained undeterred:









"On our watch." Such comments illustrate the unbridled sense of self-importance among the Hollywood Left. Sadly for them, those such as Rosie O'Donnell or Cher lack the awareness to understand that, when they take on the roll of political savior -- or even political pundit -- to the rest of the world, they paint themselves at fools. And criminal fools at that.