CNN’s Burnett Mocks Sen. Johnson's Obama Query in Clinton Scandal Report

“The conspiracy du jour is that President Obama had quote, ‘personal involvement’ in the Clinton e-mail scandal."

On Wednesday night, CNN's Erin Burnett proclaimed, "Republicans are at it again!" Apparently, those wacky right-wing kooks are caught up in more ridiculous conspiracy theories, this time in the form of a Homeland Security Committee question by Senator Ron Johnson concerning Hillary Clinton's email scandal. The OutFront host declared:

“The conspiracy du jour is that President Obama had quote, ‘personal involvement’ in the Clinton e-mail scandal."

Johnson's question, in the HSC's interim report, concerned Obama's involvement with the James Comey-led investigation into Clinton: FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page exchanged a text stating, “POTUS, (President Obama) wants to know everything we are doing.”

Burnett admitted that Johnson hasn't jumped to any conclusions by merely raising the issue of Obama's presence in the investigation:

“This report is not intended to answer these questions, but to demonstrate that the information received warrants further inquiry to examine possible bias and wrongdoing within the FBI and the Justice Department. Any serious and impartial reader of this material should find it hard to deny the need for further inquiry."

Nevertheless, she pushed the narrative that Johnson and Republicans -- who are "at it again" -- were on an irrational witch hunt. She lectured:

“Lesson here is, before you take on the FBI or a former president, both of whom are fair targets, right? But make sure you have your facts straight.”

Shamefully, Burnett's full opening for the episode was, "Good evening, I'm Erin Burnett. Out front tonight: conspiracy craze; the Republicans are at it again." The message was clear: the FBI's relentless pursuit of Trump collusion with Russia -- which has remained unfruitful -- is just; however, anything questioning Clinton's email scandal is merely a harebrained witch hunt. Furthermore, according to Burnett, Ron Johnson and the GOP should mind their own business: 

"[The non-partisan Office of the Inspector General] is of course where an investigation should be, not in the partisan sphere where Senator Johnson and others are trying to put it."