Ridiculous: CBS Claims Republican Voters Are Against Repeal of Obamacare

"One of [Trump's] single largest drops in popularity came in March, after congressional Republicans began moving ahead with Obamacare repeal.”

On today's installment of CBS This Morning, National Correspondent Chip Reid joined Jamelle Bouie for a rivetingly absurd announcement: President Trump's poll numbers are low due to his supporters being avidly pro-Obamacare.


Reid alley-ooped the assertion in response to CBS News analyst and Slate chief political correspondent Bouie, who set it up thusly:

“I do think this is a dangerous game for the president,” Bouie said. “One of his single largest drops in popularity came in March, after congressional Republicans began moving ahead with Obamacare repeal.”

As noted by Newsbusters, Bouie isn't exactly known for his rationality -- in November, he claimed:

“Millions of Americans are justifiably afraid of what they’ll face under a Trump administration. If any group demands our support and sympathy, it’s these people, not the Americans who backed Trump and his threat of state-sanctioned violence against Hispanic immigrants and Muslim Americans. All the solicitude, outrage, and moral telepathy being deployed in defense of Trump supporters—who voted for a racist who promised racist outcomes—is perverse, bordering on abhorrent."

Following Bouie's statement of Trump's poll numbers, Reid contributed:

"According to one respected analyst, 62% of this year's ObamaCare enrollees live in states that President Trump won in 2016.” 

Reid also referenced Bouie's statement that “the big surprise is that red states are signing up faster than blue states.”

As for the "one respected analyst," Reid was likely referencing an Associated Press report which revealed that "7.3 million of the 8.8 million consumers signed up so far for next year come from states Trump won in the 2016 presidential election.” However, that study didn't indicate whether those who signed up were Trump supporters. In addition, it is reasonable to assume that many who registered did so in order to avoid the government-mandated penalty.

The real negative reaction to Trump's anti-Obamacare stance is on the part of journalists: as per MRC's "Bias by the Minute" report, from January 20th to April 9th, Trump's intention to repeal Obamacare was the third most covered Trump-related subject by the major networks' evening news shows. Moreover, 94% of that coverage was negative.

Contrary to CBS's contention, a September 15th Politico-Harvard poll found that Obamacare repeal topped the priorities of Republican voters. As stated by Politico:

“Among Republican respondents, repealing Obamacare was the most critical priority, outpacing other concerns like tax reform (34 percent said that the issue was ‘extremely important’) and building a border wall (28 percent thought it was ‘extremely important’).”